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Ito En Australia

Ito En Australia is a subsidiary of Ito En, Japan’s largest green tea manufacturer. In 1993, the Victorian Government invited Ito En to grow green tea in Australia, which lead to the founding of Ito En Australia. Since then, the company has strived to connect with Australian farmers, to plant, grow, and harvest green tea leaves in over 50 hectares of farmland northeast of Melbourne across the Victorian Alps.

As of 2018, Ito En Australia’s flagship product, ready-to-drink Oi Ocha bottled green tea, has been produced with 100% Australian-grown and locally processed green tea leaves, delivering the freshest domestically produced unsweetened green tea to Australian consumers nationwide.

Alongside its flagship product, Ito En Australia continues to deliver a vast range of products, from Matcha green tea packaged in Australian-made tea bags to high-quality loose leaf green tea grown and harvested in Victorian tea farms, providing these to Australian consumers both online and at local grocery stores and Asian supermarkets.

To this day, Ito En Australia is committed to maintaining a healthy relationship with local farmers in Victoria to produce green tea both fresher and greener and deliver it to tea-drinkers across Australia directly from paddock to cup.


Ito En Australia is proud to announce a new formulation of our most popular drink, Oi Ocha, in a variety consisting exclusively of Australian Green Tea.

First introduced to the Japanese market in 1989, Japan’s favourite unsweetened tea drink Oi Ocha has since been enjoyed all throughout the world.

12 x 500ml Bottles per carton

Newly formulated Oi Ocha from exclusively Australian Green Tea

Available Now!


Ito En’s first-ever Australian made tea bags. Processed, refined, and packaged by Australian artisans.
Australian grown green tea leaves blended with Japanese Matcha, creating a beautiful aroma and mellow, yet bold taste.
Overseen from the paddock until delivered to your cup, the tea is fresher and greener!
This tea goes well with anything, with your meal, anything sweet, or in relaxing time…

Natural with no added colours or flavourings.
Individually wrapped Tea Bags that keep freshness, with 20 in each box.
Special pyramid filter tea bags allow optimal water flow to release the full flavour and aroma into your teacup.
Rich in antioxidants, amino acids and Vitamin C.
Perfect for hot or cold brewing.

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